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10 Proven Tips for Selling a House Fast: Part 2

Welcome back! I hope everybody had a great holiday. Right before Christmas I posted 5 of the 10 Proven Tips for Selling a House Fast. They were Don’t inflate your pricing Creating curb appeal Updating the interior Cleaning up clutter and depersonalizing Staging your house Now let’s get you back on track to how you […]

10 Proven Tips for Selling a House Fast: Part 1

Happy Holidays! With the New Year just around the corner, some of you may have a New Year’s Resolution of selling your house in San Antonio quickly. This week’s post will be about the top ten things you can do to get your home sold fast. It’s no secret that selling a house fast takes […]

Staging a House: Why store items when showing a house?

As part of this week’s post, 5 Super Cheap Home Staging Ideas, I posted that I would be answering questions about the article. The question I got the most was about arranging furniture to increase the appeal of different rooms. The second biggest question received was about removing personal items from view. What exactly is the […]

Staging a House: Why re-arrange your furniture?

As part of this weeks post, 5 Super Cheap Home Staging Ideas, I wrote that I would be answering questions related to the post. One of the most frequently asked questions was “why re-arrange the furniture?’ It really is an extremely important part of staging a house. The Living Room   Most home owners have […]

5 Super Cheap Home Staging Ideas

So you’ve decided to sell your house! Home staging plays a huge role in making a sale. Home Staging could be the difference between a quick sale and a long wait. In a previous article, Sell Your House: 5 mistakes to avoid, I briefly covered this. People want to walk into a house and see themselves living […]

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