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Top 5 Methods to Sell Your San Antonio Home Fast

With the economy and the housing market so uncertain, selling a house has become very difficult for most. The people with nice houses in the best parts of town are even having some difficulty finding qualified buyers. If that is the case, you can imagine how difficult it will be for those that have properties […]

5 Options for Selling a House Fast in San Antonio

If you are thinking “I need to sell my home fast!”, you are not alone. There are many situations which can put homeowners in a position to need to sell their home quickly. If you have found yourself in this type of situation, you are not backed into a corner with no options. Actually, you […]

Sell Your Texas House Fast!

Where We Currently Buy Houses Looking for someone to buy your home fast in Texas. Danny Buys Houses now buys all of this great state, the Lone Star state. Here’s where we are currently buying houses: Sell Your House Fast in Austin Sell Your House Fast in Dallas Sell Your House Fast in Corpus Christi […]

How Eddie Sold His San Antonio House Fast

San Antonio, TX –Eddie was in a tight spot. You see, his house was going to foreclosure auction in a matter of days. It was Friday. Tuesday morning, the house would no longer be his. He really needed to sell his house super fast. Trying to sell the normal way would have been impossible. He […]

5 Ways to Sell Your House Fast in San Antonio, TX

There can be many different reasons why you would want to sell your house fast. Maybe you’re relocating for a job in a few weeks, and if you don’t sell in that time period you are stuck with it. It could be that you need to free up capital for other ventures or maybe your […]

What Happens if You Inherit a House with a Mortgage in San Antonio?

Losing a loved one is very difficult no matter what the circumstances. You can be left emotionally drained and then, after the funeral there’s still a lot to deal with. You’ll have to sort through all the legal documents, look over financial information and take care of the will for them. It can be quite […]

Can you sell a San Antonio house before or during probate?

There are a series of steps for dealing with property through probate in Bexar County. Each of the steps are regulated through the courts and each step has to be monitored and carefully managed. There will be deadlines set that have to be followed and everything has to be well documented. There are some ways […]

Paying Capital Gains Tax When Selling an Inherited House in San Antonio

If you inherit a home in San Antonio, it becomes your property and you may elect to keep it, rent it out, or sell it. Many people are unaware that there is a capital gains tax on an inherited house, but the way these taxes are calculated can be confusing. When you inherit a house […]

What Can You Do With a San Antonio House During a Divorce?

Working through a divorce is not a pleasant process to have to work though no matter how compliant the parties are. In most divorces, the home is typically the largest asset they share. It’s also very likely that there are a lot of emotional attachments to the property. If there are any children, they have […]

San Antonio Company Now Buying Houses All Over City

San Antonio, TX –For the last twelve years Danny Buys Houses has been buying houses only in select locations in San Antonio, TX. The company is now looking to expand their market by purchasing real estate in all parts of town. Danny Buys Houses Anywhere In and Around San Antonio, TX “We now buy houses […]

I appreciated how Danny didn't put any pressure on getting the sale. Danny helped with the process and allowed me the time I needed. He was very flexible and made himself available to assist with any questions I had. I would recommend Danny to anyone that wanted a knowledgeable buyer. He was excellent to work with. Thanks Danny.

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