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How to Get a Cash Offer on Your San Antonio House

Who doesn't want a cash offer on your San Antonio? To have a quick hassle-free sale, cash offers are the best. Find out how to get one.

Selling a House For Cash>How to Get a Cash Offer on Your San Antonio House

    🗂 Table of Contents

  1. Guide on finding a perfect cash buyer
  2. Best websites for finding a buyer:
  3. Craigslist
  4. Check the Yellow Pages
  5. Other ways to find a cash buyer
  6. San Antonio Real Estate Investors Association
  7. Check out the ‘we buy houses’ signs
  8. Ask local real estate agents
  9. Word of mouth
  10. We buy houses!

You’ve decided you want to sell your house for cash in San Antonio. Now it’s time to find a cash buyer so that you can get a cash offer on your house.

I'm going to show you how to find a cash buyer for your San Antonio house. In my previous articles, I talked about the benefits of selling your home to companies that buy houses for cash and how to spot a cash buyer scammer. But how do you actually find a cash buyer for your San Antonio house?

Guide on finding a perfect cash buyer

When looking for a cash buyer, always do an extensive search and find all options before making a decision. This will ensure that you will end up selling your house to a person or a company you actually trust.

It doesn't help to learn how to find a cash buyer if that buyer isn't able to meet your needs. Here's how to find a buyer the right way! Real buyers are just as reliable as any real estate agent, if not even more. But you just have to know these tips and tricks on finding the safest and the best in the business.

Best websites for finding a buyer:

The first thing most people do when trying to find a house investor is using the ‘find a cash buyer’ keyword. But why do that when you can go directly to these sites, search for companies that buy homes and sell your house fast?


Although Craigslist often has a bad rep for being unsafe, it’s an incredible website when you want to find investors. And you CAN do it in a safe way. BiggerPocket’s article on Finding Buyers on Craigslist offers a fantastic insight on everything you need to know about home investors on Craigslist.

In a short summary, the article explains that the best way is to search in the ‘real estate wanted’ section as well as post your own ad. It identifies two types of Craigslist’s investors - passive and aggressive. This is how to find a cash buyer fast. With a passive way (creating a simple ad stating your business), he suggests using WuFoo which allows you to create simple forms to keep your potential buyers organized. And here’s how you can find Craigslist’s house buyers effectively using the aggressive method:

  • Write down all house buyers and call them.
  • State what you're looking for and give all necessary information - use this to create a list for the future.
  • Ask them if they are cash house buyers - if they say yes, BINGO - you found them.

Check the Yellow Pages

This might be an old-fashioned way, but yellow pages always have a real estate section where you’ll be able to find the oldest and some of the most trustworthy cash buyers in San Antonio. Here’s the link to the San Antonio yellow pages where you can search for the ‘cash house buyers’ and find all relatable services. Then all you need to do is give them a call and arrange the whole process. And if you decide to go with Danny Buys Houses, your house can be sold for cash in less than a week!

Other ways to find a cash buyer

We’re not even close to being done yet. When it comes to real estate, some of the best opportunities can be missed due to focusing solely online. Here’s a few ways you can find a buyer in San Antonio without having to use the internet:

San Antonio Real Estate Investors Association

SAREIA might have some answers you are searching for. Think of it as a database for investors - not only will you be able to find your cash buyer, you will also be able to network with other likeminded investors. It’s a fantastic way to get insight into the real estate business and ask all questions you might have - you will find people who have already gone through the house selling process, probably more than just once.

Check out the ‘we buy houses’ signs

San Antonio has a lot of ‘we buy houses’ signs that have probably grabbed your attention before. But have you ever tried dialing the number and seeing what happens? When calling a potential buyer, they’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about their company and the entire house buying process in general. It’s the best way to establish a relationship quickly and effectively.

Ask local real estate agents

Similar to the aggressive Craigslist option, you can also ask local real estate agents if they know of any potential buyers in San Antonio. While most might not want to give you information that can drive away their business, you can find honest real estate agents that are just passionate on the subject and willing to help you out. You never know - maybe some work as a buyer on the side!

Word of mouth

Have you ever wondered if your neighbor might be the one that has a good house buying business? It never hurts to ask your neighbors if they know someone - sometimes the business is so good and local you don’t even need to advertise it. Always ask around - talk to your family, tell them to ask at their workplace or simply go to the locals in the area. If you know someone who has been living in San Antonio for a very long time, they will probably know a few tricks of the real estate trade. And hey, you’ll also make some new friends along the way.

We buy houses!

Still not happy with your choice? Don’t forget - you already are on the blog of a cash house buying company, Danny Buys Houses. Not only do we offer cash for your house, we are also giving you all necessary insight into the real estate business. We buy houses in San Antonio and can make you a deal in less than 1 day. We buy houses in record time - as little as two days! Got repairs? It doesn’t matter! Fill out this fast cash offer form and we’ll give you a call with an offer - your house could be easily sold in less than a week without any hassles. We’re also able to answer any questions you might have on real estate in general.

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