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Things To Consider When Selling to Fast House Buyers

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By Danny Johnson

Fast house buyers offer cash for houses. That's not always the right option. Here are several things to consider when choosing a fast house buyer.

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  1. Why sell to fast house buyers? Why not use an agent?
  2. Are you willing to negotiate?
  3. Is it really more convenient?

Fast house buyers exist for good reason.

When someone says, “I need someone to buy my house in San Antonio,” it might mean a lot of different things. People choose to sell their home for many different reasons and at many different stages in their lives. Some of the reasons that someone might need someone to “buy my house in San Antonio” might include life events like the need to relocate, transfer at work, getting a divorce, getting married, or even retirement. There can be some financial reasons that someone needs to sell their San Antonio home too. These reasons might include things like needing expensive repairs or upgrades, liquidating assets, structural issues, or impending foreclosure. No matter what the reason, there are many considerations that need to be made before you sell your house to cash home buyers in San Antonio.

Why sell to fast house buyers? Why not use an agent?

Let’s say that your house is in exceptional shape, in need of no repairs or upgrades, and located in a great neighborhood. Going through a real estate agent may sound good, but in reality it can take months or even years to sell a house. Most individuals who need to sell a home, need to do it fast. If you need to sell a house fast, the last thing you need is a real estate agent dragging their feet and filling out all their paperwork. And if the house is in need of a few repairs or is located in a neighborhood that is a little less than desirable, you will be out of luck. To add to the problem, an agent is likely to cost you about 6% of the selling price plus you’ll have to come up with around 2% out of pocket for closing costs. None of this is conducive to selling your home fast. You can avoid this scenario if you decide to sell to cash home buyers.

Are you willing to negotiate?

For homeowners who want to sell a house fast, there is no time for long drawn out negotiations. If you go with an agent, or try to sell your house on your own, it’s likely there will be a lot of back and forth negotiating. There are appraisals and inspections to obtain prior to the selling of the home, all of which come out of your pocket ultimately and if the price is not just what the buyer desires, there can be a lot of discussion trying to get you off your price. This all translates to the homeowner losing money and time in the long run. When you decide that you can find someone to “buy my house in San Antonio,” not only will the deal be fast if you sell to cash home buyers, there is no negotiating. A fair price, or better than fair price is offered and homeowners can decide whether to sell or not. It’s simple, fast and easy.

Is it really more convenient?

If you have ever thought, “I need someone to buy my home in San Antonio,” you have probably also wondered if it is really more convenient to go through an investor. It is the simplest process ever and it can be faster than other methods of selling real estate. One of the inconveniences of selling your San Antonio home through a real estate agent is that you have to be ready at a moment’s notice to jump up and vacate if they are ready to “show” your house to potential buyers. Aside from this there can be lots of paper work if you do not go through an investor. The truth of the matter is that selling your house for cash to an investor is quicker and easier than any other method. It really is much more convenient, especially if you need to sell your home San Antonio house fast.

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