Tax Implications When Selling Rental Property in Texas

Considering a Sale of Investment Property?

There can be plenty of reasons for wanting to sell your rental property. If you do, you need to be aware of the tax implications when selling rental property. There’s a lot to know…so let’s get started.

The sale of investment property requires considering the tax implications of selling rental property.  Make sure before making the final decision to sell your rental property that this is what you want to do. Dealing with the tax matters can be complicated and expensive.

tax implications when selling rental property

Selling Rental Property Tax Rules

The first thing you are going to want to become familiar with is the tax implications of selling rental property. This is going to involve capital gains or capital losses. The tax implications involve this area of the tax laws.

Taxes on selling a rental property are going to include taxes at both the Federal and State level.

The difference between the sale price and the adjusted tax basis determines capital gains.

A rental property tax calculator can help determine this.

Capital gains can pertain to either short term or long term gains. This helps to determine what your selling rental property tax obligations will be.

Sometimes individuals purchase rental property and discover it’s not for them. Then they want to sell it within the year. This is considered short term so if sold at a profit then it would be taxed as short term capital gains. Usually this is taxed at the standard income tax rate.

Property held for longer than one year is subjected to a different tax rate. This is a long term capital gain. The rate can range between 0% to 20% but most often falls within the 15% range. Again you can use a selling rental property tax calculator, to help you estimate this.

Selling rental property tax expenses determines the basis of the rental property. This usually is the amount that you paid for the property.

Plus, additional expenses that you incurred to make the sale. If events occurred that decreased  value then you can likewise decrease the basis amount. At the same time if you improved the property then you can add the value of these improvements to the basis.

There are some advantages to an increased basis as it can help to reduce the amount of taxes you will need to pay. At the same time you can enjoy an increased tax deduction with a capital loss.

Possible Tax Deductions When Selling Rental Property

Pay close attention to rental property tax deductions when you are going to sell. You will still have your regular tax deductions for this property up until the time that you sell it.

It may be that when you are selling the property you are not going to realize a profit. This is going to put you into a capital loss situation.

You will be limited as to the amount you can deduct for this loss. You will be able to carry the loss forward for a specific number of years. Just as there are short term and long term capital gains the same applies for capital losses.

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Owning the property for less than one year constitutes a short term loss. Whereas longer than one year is a long term loss. You will need to look at the current years allowable deduction limit for the capital loss.

You may also be able to qualify for passive losses. These could be included with your selling rental property tax deductions.

These losses occur when your property losses in a given year exceed the rental income. There is a cap on as to how much you can claim each year, but these losses may be able to be carried forward. When you sell the property you can apply any of these unused losses that occurred during the sale year.

One advantage you may want to take advantage of is selling your investment property and buying another.

It would have to be in the same category as investment property.This applies to the 1031 tax rule. It can be complicated so you would want to rely on professional advice regarding this.

Some individuals sell their investment property so they can pay down their primary residence mortgage. This can create some substantial tax liabilities.

Tax Implications of Selling A Rental Property

Researching your tax obligations when selling your rental property involves becoming aware of the law. This includes knowing the tax consequences.

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Property depreciates and the IRS realizes this so they have rules in place. This pertains to how the calculations are handled for your depreciation deduction. Basically the rules are that depreciation applies over a 27.5 year period. So each year a portion of this can be used as a deduction against the profit you are making. It works out to  3.636% per year. Improvements have to be calculated into the depreciation formula.  Looking at rental property tax legalities when selling may mean other things to consider.

If you have been claiming depreciation you may be subjected to depreciation recapture tax.

Another area that includes potential tax consequences of selling a rental property is incurring the new Net Investment Income Tax. If this applies to you then you may have to pay an additional 3.8% on your net investment income. This is applicable to specific thresholds and deals with capital gains.

Being as this is not your principal residence you are not eligible for the capital gain exclusion. Which usually amounts to  $250,000/$500,000.

Selling Rental Property Taxes Summary

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You must be familiar with the various tax laws during the sale of investment property. This is so you don’t make any mistakes when determining what your profit will be after taxes.

You will most probably want to use the services of an accountant to assist you with this. Although you can use the selling rental property tax calculator. This will give you a good idea as to what your selling rental property tax figures will be. If you are really familiar with the tax laws you can use tax accounting software to help you file your taxes pertaining to your rental property sale.


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