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We already spoke about how to sell land by owner, but did you know we buy land fast too? There are several companies out there that buy land quickly, including Danny Buys Houses. Yep, that’s right – I buy land fast and I buy it for cash.

So let’s look at some benefits of why you should choose to sell your land for cash.

we buy land fast

The Land is an Investment

Just like investment property, investing in a land (if done the right way) can bring you plenty of benefits. There are two types of land you could invest in – developed and undeveloped.

As the name suggests, buying developed land simply means utilities will be installed and several things will already be built. Undeveloped land is like a sandbox – every building work you do, depends on you after the purchase.

USA land is cheap. Land in San Antonio, Texas, is even cheaper.

Yep – if you read our article on how to sell land by owner, you’ll know that San Antonio is listed as one of the cheapest states to buy and sell land. At Danny Buys Houses, we buy land and we buy land fast.

How Selling Land For Cash Works

how we buy land fast

Selling land for cash is the best choice for those who are dealing with cash problems and are in need of a quick solution.

  • No bank loan approval process is needed

This is why we can commit to selling your land faster than it would take if you go through your typical bank approval route which is hectic and it involves way too much paperwork. We know – we’ve been there ourselves.

  • No inspection, no appraisal and no surveys

These things take time and we understand time might be the last thing you have. The real estate market is fast and if you don’t get the best offer, you might not even get the last offer. If you sell land with us, you’ll never have to worry about the speed of the process – we buy land fast.

  • Facing foreclosure? No problem!

One of our beloved clients was facing foreclosure – we bought their land by getting the bank to avoid having the land go to auction. We bought it and closed the very next day. That’s fast.

  • We close when it’s convenient for you.

So perhaps you don’t want to sell your land just now? Not a problem – get in touch and we’ll make sure you have a buyer when it’s convenient for you to sell. Whether it is a couple of months, 2-3 weeks so you can move out and find a new place, or in a few days – just let us know.

  • Receive a cash offer

Within a few days, you’ll receive a cash offer. We don’t care about your mortgage situation, your debts or the current situation with your bank. We buy land fast and we give you a cash offer in return.
I need to sell my land fast!
Depending on the area, you can usually find plenty of companies that buy land quickly. Things are no longer done manually – everything has moved online and this enables us to buy your land fast and give you a cash offer in return.

In the meantime, don’t forget to set an online listing for your land.

What Every Online Listing Selling Land Needs:

how we buy land fast online

  • Amazing photos

The online world is suspicious and if your future buyers see you’re not putting enough effort into your photos, they will dismiss you with three words every seller hates to hear “it’s a scam”. Take pictures of absolutely everything!

  • You need to know all details

Never, ever, say “I don’t know” when a question is asked about your land. You need to know. There’s no other way around it. You need to gather all paperwork and be ready for all questions. Make sure you specifically take a look at potential faults of the land and get familiar with how you or the buyer can fix them.

  • Customize to your buyer

It’s very easy to just list the details of your land and then expect the right buyers to come to you. But you can speed up the process and sell land fast by creating different listings with different buyers in mind. Selling to a family? Think about the location – is the land large? Close to a school? Think about why your buyer would be interested in your land and cater your description to them. Don’t lie – just enhance the features that might be overlooked by other buyers.

We Buy Land Fast

Danny Buys Houses is based in San Antonio, Texas. We buy houses and we buy land. You could sell your land the very next day – we aim to answer every request within 24 hours. Give us a call or fill out our survey and let’s chat about your land and your requests. Your land can be sold in 48 hours!

One of the biggest pros of selling land to a cash buyer is the saved time. Forget about waiting days to hear back from your bank, gathering way too much paperwork, hiring people that will help you make all this happen and losing your nerves in the meantime. Selling your land shouldn’t be this difficult and we’re here to make it easy.

We have years of experience in buying land and houses

You will find plenty of young companies trying to break the market and struggle, barely making any profit. We have years of experience – we know people, we know how this system works and we know how to give you the best option. We make sure the transition is smooth and cater to YOUR needs.

Interested? Give us a call on 210-610-2511

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I appreciated how Danny didn't put any pressure on getting the sale. Danny helped with the process and allowed me the time I needed. He was very flexible and made himself available to assist with any questions I had. I would recommend Danny to anyone that wanted a knowledgeable buyer. He was excellent to work with. Thanks Danny.

Linda Hommerbocker, San Antonio, TX

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