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With Danny Buys Houses, it's just 3 simple steps to sell fast!

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Step 1: Fill Out the Fast Offer Form or Call (210) 881-7707

Fill out the form below with the property address of the house you want to sell and your best contact information.

What to expect:

  • There is no-obligation to sell by filling out the form
  • There is no cost to get a cash offer from Danny Buys Houses
  • We can provide a valid, fair cash offer usually within 24 hours
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Step 2: We Schedule to See the House

After you fill out the form above, we will contact you quickly to schedule an appointment to see the house.

What to expect:

  • Don't bother cleaning the house. We won't judge. We are looking at potential.
  • The appointment usually only takes about 30 minutes.
  • This is NOT a professional inspection, but rather a walk through of the house.
  • We can typically provide a written offer at the end of the appointment.
  • We absolutely will NOT pressure you to accept the offer. You can decide on your time. 🙂
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Step 3: Get a No-Pressure Cash Offer

After seeing the house, we will present you with a written offer to buy the house.

What to expect:

  • There is no-obligation to accept the offer.
  • There is no pressure to accept right away.
  • The offer will spell out all of the details in a one-page contract that is easy to understand.
  • We understand selling a house is not something most people have done before.
  • We will answer any questions you have about the offer. 🙂
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Trusted Cash Home Buyers in San Antonio Since 2005cash for houses San Antonio double underline

🤔 How does the whole 'we buy houses cash' thing actually work? 🤷🏽‍♀️

"Why do people pay cash for houses?"

I'm guessing you've seen the advertising that says 'We Buy Houses' or 'Sell Your House Fast' all over San Antonio but never got a good explanation of what it was all about. I'll explain this as best I can.

I cannot speak for all other cash home buyers, but we buy houses for investment purposes in San Antonio. Each house is for investment for our families. We provide a service to anyone that wants to sell a house in San Antonio without the hassle of doing repairs and paying Realtors.

We actually enjoy taking houses that need work and making them like new again. That's where we make our money! We provide a service. Yeah, it can be risky. But we enjoy the process and especially when a seller has a giant smile on their face because of how easy it was for them to be done with a property that has caused them stress.

That's exactly what happened with Ann Lorbieski. Here's exactly what she said about her experience:

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I was looking for someone to buy my house. With the strain of selling the house, I found someone I could trust. Several people saw my house and Danny offered me more money, and without any hassles. The closing went off without a hitch.

Ann Lorbieski profile

Ann Lorbieski | San Antonio, TX

"So what's the difference between selling to cash home buyers versus through a Realtor?"

Our ability to pay cash allows us to make the purchase of your house very simple, for you. 🙌🏽

Here are the benefits of us paying cash for your house versus selling through a Realtor to someone who will need a bank loan (which is basically EVERYBODY).

  • You can sell as-is without making repairs
  • We can close within 5 days if necessary
  • You won't need to pay for a survey
  • You won't need to pay for an inspection
  • You won't need to pay for an appraisal
  • You won't have to have tons of showings
  • You won't have to leave your house for showings
  • You won't have to worry your buyer will not qualify for a loan
Click here to see a table comparing selling to a San Antonio cash home buyer vs a Realtor
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Answers to Questions We Get All the Time

These are the questions we get from people wanting to sell their San Antonio house and the answers to those questions.

How much will I pay in fees and commissions?

Nothing! We do not charge fees or commissions to buy your house.

Do you pay closing costs?

Yes, we do! We always breakdown the costs involved so that you know exactly what you will net when we buy your house.

Do you buy houses with foundation problems or fire damage?

Absolutely! We are not afraid of any rehab project. We've successfully remodeled several burn houses and houses with foundation problems. No matter the condition, chances are we've dealt with it in our nearly 2 decades of house buying in San Antonio.

What information and documents will we need to give you?

You won't typically need to provide any documents as the title company will find what they need from the county courthouse. We do not require a survey or appraisal when we buy houses.

How fast can we get the offer?

Typically, we make an offer during the appointment to see the house. Some house buyers will say they can make an offer while on the phone but these offers almost always contain contingencies that make them non-binding. I mean, would you trust someone that offers to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a house they've not seen?

What is the process of actually getting the money in our account?

Once the title company has all of the proper legal documents prepared, an appointment will be set to 'close'. At this closing, after you sign, the title company will wire the proceeds to your account.

How do I know you won't just have me sign over my house without paying?

This is a legitimate question we've been asked. I'm sure it's something on the mind of more people than actually ask it. We will never ask you to sign a deed over to us without a proper closing at a title company. The title company holds our funds in their escrow account and then releases that money over to you after everything has been signed and checked for accuracy.

Will I need to pay for anything before the sale of the house?

Nope! You will not be required to pay anything. Any costs that may be incurred will come out of the proceeds of the sale.

How do I know this is not a scam?

There have been documented real estate scams. To help ensure you avoid these scams, be sure to check reviews and that the home buyer is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We have dozens of reviews and are an A+ accredited business with the BBB. We've also been in business for nearly 20 years.

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