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Sell A House For Cash In San Antonio [Step-By-Step]

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By Danny Johnson

How to sell a house for cash in San Antonio by following our 2023 step-by-step guide. You can have cash in your pocket within a week!

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  1. Can I Sell My House For Cash In San Antonio?
  2. Why Sell a House For Cash
  3. Houses Are Sitting On The Market Longer
  4. Banks Are Slow
  5. Cash For Houses San Antonio
  6. Buy My House For Cash
  7. Step 1: Contact a
  8. Step 2: Set an Appointment
  9. Step 3: Get a Cash Offer
  10. Get a Cash Offer For Your House Today

Sell a house for cash in San Antonio without stress and hassle. This step-by-step guide will show you the exact process hundreds of San Antonio homeowners have use to get cash for their house within days.

Can I Sell My House For Cash In San Antonio?


You can easily sell your house for cash in San Antonio, TX.

We will discuss how this is possible in this article.

Why Sell a House For Cash

First, let's talk about cases in which selling a house for cash is necessary.

There are a lot of situations that demand a house be sold fast, which usually requires them to be sold for cash.

Some of the more common situations are:

  • Facing foreclosure
  • House needs too many repairs
  • Pending divorce and assets need to be split
  • Need money for another investment
  • Relocating
  • Inherited house and rather have cash quickly

As you can see, these are usually situations in which speed is the desired outcome.

Houses Are Sitting On The Market Longer

According to the latest Texas Housing Insight Report, Texas' average DOM steadily advanced four days in 2023 to 56 days.

Keep in mind that is just the average across the entire state of Texas.

In addition to longer days on market, the median house price is slowly going down. That means the longer it takes to sell, the more likely you will get less for the house.

Banks Are Slow

Banks are slow. They have a lot of red tape and paperwork that need to be completed. They want appraisals, inspections, re-inspections, repairs to be made, certifications, credit checks, etc.

There are just so many requirements to buy a house in Texas that make this a disparagingly slow process!

If you want to sell your San Antonio house fast, you will want to sell for cash.

Cash For Houses San Antonio

So how can you get cash for houses in San Antonio?


You contact people who buy houses!

People that buy houses are real estate investors. They are in the business of buying houses as investments.

These companies use cash to buy houses at discounts so they can either fix them up and sell them or rent them.

According to Pew, real estate investors bought 24% of all homes sold last year.

This is nothing new and has been happening for a long time. Real estate investing, more popularly known as flipping houses, has taken center stage with all of the house flipping shows that have appeared over the last 10 years.

Buy My House For Cash

If you're now thinking, "I want someone to buy my house for cash!" You are in the right place.

The process for someone to buy your house cash is very simple. It typically happens as follows:

Step 1: Contact a Cash House Buyer

A quick Google search for 'sell house for cash' will give you a list of potential cash home buyers. It's important to choose one that has great reviews.

Step 2: Set an Appointment

The house buyer will likely set an appointment with you to see the house. They do this so they can get an idea of what repairs need to be made and get a good feel for the style and layout of the house.

These appointments typically only take about an hour.

These appointments are usually NOT professional inspections done by inspection companies.

Step 3: Get a Cash Offer

At this point, the cash house buying company will likely make you cash offer to buy the house.

You are NOT under ANY obligation to accept this offer. This is simply an offer.

If you sign a contract, yes, you do have some obligation.

The important points of this offer for you to consider are:

  • How much will you be getting at closing (not just how much the offer is as there will be closing costs)
  • How long will it take to close (when will you actually get cash into your account)
  • Is the investor buying the house themselves or are they going to be assigning the contract to another investor. This is referred to as wholesaling. Many cash house buyers do this and it works out most of the time. If you have a buyer that is going to buy it for themselves (their company), you have a better chance of getting to closing.

Danny Buys Houses has closed on 100% of the purchases we have agreed to buy.

Get a Cash Offer For Your House Today

If you've searched Google for things like 'sell my house cash near me' or 'sell my house as is', you know there are options.

The difficult decision is, which one to go with!

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right house buying company to get cash for your house.

Following these guidelines, you will have a better chance of not only getting a great cash offer, but actually being able to make it all the way to closing. That's the most important part of all of this! Getting paid!

If you are ready to get a cash offer on your house, fill out our form or us give us a call today!

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House Value

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We understand that bad situations happen to good people. We're here to help.

🥇 This is how we have become one of the top companies that buy houses in San Antonio. 🥇

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I'm Danny Johnson. 👋🏼 At Danny Buys Houses, we believe homeowners in San Antonio should have an option to sell a house quickly, regardless of the condition or situation...without judgement. This is why we pay cash for houses.

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