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Finding House Buyers In My Area

House buyers in my area can be found easily. Be careful though! Not all house buyers are trustworthy. Here's how to tell who to sell your house to..

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  1. Why Cash Home Buyers Do What They Do
  2. Why People Sell Homes for Cash
  3. Advantages to Selling a Home for Cash
  4. How Real Estate Investors Buy Houses
  5. Reasons an Investor Might Be a Better Option for Selling Your House
  6. How to Get Best Price from a House Buyer
  7. Conclusion

House buyers in my area can be found very easily.

You just have to know where to look.

You may have noticed those signs around town advertising for people who buy houses. When you’ve seen one, you may have wondered, Who buys houses anyway? It’s actually a legitimate business and there are plenty of reasons for people to buy houses in San Antonio, just like there are a lot of reasons homeowners decide to sell their home. Let’s first discuss why San Antonio house buyers do what they do.

Why Cash Home Buyers Do What They Do

If you keep up with the stock market and financial world at all, you know it’s all risky business. Many investors have tried to stay away from stocks due to the huge financial casualty they can be. Instead, they have turned their efforts into becoming real estate investors by investing in property rather than stocks. It really comes down to a preference of where they would like to invest their funds.

People who buy houses for cash make repairs and turn them around for a profit. They make all the necessary repairs at a fraction of normal costs. Construction crews can offer these investors better prices because of the volume of work they are given. Once the repairs have been completed, the value of the house is reassessed and it is put back on the market for a profit. This is the process for home buyers who treat buying homes as investments.

Why People Sell Homes for Cash

On the other side of the equation is the homeowner who decides to sell their home to cash home buyers. This can be due to many different situations. Sometimes a family member passes away and leaves their home to a loved one, but they don’t have any need for it or for any number of reasons are not prepared to keep it. Other times, homeowners are stuck in a house in need of expensive repairs and they don’t want to pour their money into the home.

Another reason someone might choose to go through real estate investors is they bought a new home but don’t want the responsibility of having to manage rental property, they would rather sell their existing home than be a landlord.

Often, the primary bread winner was offered a job and needs to relocate so they need to sell quickly in order to make the move to a new location. Sometimes a couple goes through a divorce and needs to liquidate their property and selling quickly is the best option. There can be any number of reasons a homeowner sells their home for cash.

Advantages to Selling a Home for Cash

There are also some other reasons San Antonio homeowners choose to sell their homes to cash home buyers. It can be a real hassle going through a real estate agent to sell a house. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to use an agent. And on top of that, the homeowner, having the additional costs of making repairs, plus the agent getting a large commission when the house sells, cuts into the homeowner’s profit.

Many have tried to sell their home alone, but that is costly as well. They have to make all the repairs, schedule showings and allow strangers into their home. In most cases, it is just a much simpler process to sell a home for cash than to jump through all these other hoops.

How Real Estate Investors Buy Houses

There is a proven process investors use when they buy houses for cash. We buy houses by paying a homeowner cash for their property. There are no fees, no agents, and lots less hassles when you sell your home to a house buying company.

Once a homeowner decides to sell their home, they can call a cash home buyer who will make an appointment to view the property. The investor will assess the property and make a cash offer to buy it. The homeowner and investor will agree on a price and a closing date and then sign an agreement. Once the sale agreement has been completed, the title company will prepare all the paperwork for closing on the house. The entire process can take just a few days to complete.

Reasons an Investor Might Be a Better Option for Selling Your House

If you are in a situation where you need to sell your home, there are some distinct benefits for selling your home to a cash home buyer. Some think going through an agent is the best option, but nothing is certain even with the “best” real estate agent in town. You may have your property under contract and find out a buyer doesn’t qualify for the loan!

Some of the primary reasons using a real estate investor is a good idea include things like:

  • Avoiding the inconvenience of having to list the house on the market yourself
  • Do not have to make expensive repairs to get it ready to sell
  • Much quicker transaction; with a cash buyer, closing is usually done in a few days
  • Don’t have to pay realtor commission out of the profits
  • Don’t need to wait for others to qualify for a home loan
  • Avoid bankruptcy, foreclosure or other financial troubles
  • Avoid being harassed by creditors
  • Don’t have to make appointments for showing the house to potential buyers
  • Avoid closing costs/late closing dates

How to Get Best Price from a House Buyer

In order to get the best price you can from one of these cash home buyers, you want to make sure to avoid these turn-offs for house buyers.

It's important to let them know you are aware the needs repairs and that you don't expect to get full market value like you would if it was fully remodeled.


These are a few of the most notable reasons to sell a home for cash. It’s a much easier process that cuts out the middle man so it goes much faster. It’s less expensive, and homeowners don’t have to spend their time waiting on an agent, an appointment or a closing date.

Closings can be done in a matter of days instead of dragging on for months. This allows you to sell a house very fast. They also do not have the hassle of weeding out candidates or wait for them to qualify for financing. Overall, it’s much quicker, and smoother than selling through other traditional means. This conveniently frees the home owner up to move on to a new life quicker.

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